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B2B Suite for Magento 2

B2B Suite for Magento 2

We have created a module expanding Magento 2.0 by B2B Commerce dedicated features.
B2B features provided within the module:

  • Product prices per customer
    Each product price varies due to customer’s order history, individual contract, product vendor or time of the day.
  • Cart totals per customer
    Each customer has cart total policy. Depending on customer’s order history, the cart total can differ.
  • Confirmation orders
    Employees may have a cart amount limit and obligatory checkout authorization.
  • Accounts with roles and rights
    A company owner can create a subaccount for his employees. Each subaccount may have limited rights regarding: orders, documents, data.
  • End-customer offers
    An employees can create special offers for theirs end-customers.  A customized offer form allows for adding custom products, adding margin or calculating profit.
  • Credit balance
    A customer can have credit assigned to his account based on a signed contract.  All credit information are synchronized with external systems in case of using a credit by a customer in another sales channels.
  • Quick shop
    A quick shop form with product name or SKU-based searches is accessible.
  • Multiple carts
    Customer can add multiple carts. A product can be moved between carts and carts can be combined or deleted.
  • Hierarchical customer accounts management

A lot of B2B companies use the module – both commercial and production companies.

Divante is the official partner of Magento 2.

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