As an eCommerce specialist, everyone in our company comes across many read-worthy articles every week. We decided to choose the most interesting and present them in this article. Enjoy!

1. 5 things you should know about cross-border VAT


E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market globally which is expected to be worth €174 billion in 2016 in the UK alone. VAT is one of three main challenges businesses face when expanding cross-border according to E-commerce Europe.

2. 2017 Digital Marketing Trends for B2B


As the year draws to a close, everyone is looking forward to the new year and the new opportunities this will bring. Technology is forever evolving and digital marketing is by nature fast and adaptable. So what does this mean for the digital marketer in 2017?

3. 5 little-known ways to use rich snippets in eCommerce


Properly implemented Structured Data Markup helps search engines deliver more informative and descriptive results for eCommerce pages. Snippet-rich pages get a better click-through rate, channel a bigger amount of targeted traffic and bring more sales. Generally, store owners just add the markup tags to help Google identify prices, product availability and ratings. Meanwhile, there are some other little-known, yet very effective ways to use the structured data for eCommerce stores.

4. Stop arguing with Comcast and let this bot negotiate for you


San Francisco startup Trim’s latest creation is a bot willing to wade into the darkest waters for you: negotiating service changes on your Comcast account.

5. Amazon: Half of all merchandise sold now comes from third-party sellers


Amazon has apparently crossed over to being more of a marketplace than a retailer in its own right: Half of all merchandise sold on its site comes “from sellers, small businesses and entrepreneurs,” according to a press release.

6. Visual Search for Ecommerce Going Mainstream


Fast forward to 2016 and visual search is gaining acceptance. Google’s “Images” search now includes visual search. Last year, Pinterest launched a visual search feature that allows searching part of a pinned photo for products, like the kitchen lamp in the image below. Amazon’s mobile app has included visual search since 2014.

7. Magento 2 Search – How Good Is It?


According to eConsultancy, about 30% of eCommerce visitors are using the internal site search when looking for a particular product. Also, onsite searchers are twice as likely to convert in comparison to those who are just browsing site pages.