As an eCommerce specialist, everyone in our company comes across many read-worthy articles every week. We decided to choose the most interesting and present them in this article. Enjoy!

1.The Future of  Fintech: What Role Will the Startups Have in Financial Services?


The  Fintech sector attracts billions of dollars in VC investment. Each week, new startups take over markets that used to be controlled by banks and insurance companies. What will come out of the revolution? Who will win? How will it shape the future of financial services?

2. The Psychology of Pricing: A Gigantic List of Strategies


Welcome to a huge list of psychological pricing strategies. Psychological pricing is a strategy that uses psychology to optimize a price. The techniques are based on research in different fields — cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, numerical cognition, etc.

3. 6 podcasts for top sales leaders


It’s no secret salespeople spend a ton of time in transit. Whether commuting to work or to a meeting, they need constant food for thought in order to keep their sales skills sharp. Here is a roundup of 6 of our team’s favourite podcasts for top sales leaders and pros looking to stay on top of their game and crush quota day in, day out.

4. Target needs to hire 77,500 seasonal employees, and these bots can help


Analysts predict holiday sales will be up nearly 4 percent this year. Companies of all sizes are preparing for this anticipated spending surge by making tens of thousands of seasonal hires.

5. The Impact of Mobile and Cloud on Today’s Business E-Commerce Marketplace


Online sales to consumers in the United States are expected to reach $523 billion by 2020. Fueled by impressive advancements in supply chain and distribution systems, online shopping is delivering the customer experience that is rewarding marketplaces with loyal shoppers that have expanded the shopping list to include everything from unique specialty items to everyday household goods.

6. How to Create Value in Competitive B2B Markets


When it comes to attracting and retaining B2B customers, the biggest push is on creating value. We know B2B customers buy value – in the form of convenience, simplicity or integration. But what exactly is value and is it something that can be created? Once it is created, can it be maintained or built upon – especially in the face of fierce competition? Let’s take a closer look!

7. 4 Key Elements for a Successful Customer Loyalty Program


Managing customer churn and increasing lifetime value are two of the most common initiatives our marketing team is given when working with an organization to grow revenue. The reality is both of these elements can be defining KPIs for your business and a critical intersection for organizations looking to improve customer loyalty. However, defining the solution is only half of the battle. Reality is, in order for a business to successfully launch a loyalty program that has a true impact on the business, there are 4 key elements it must have.