When it comes to Magento in Europe, Germany is undoubtedly one of the biggest ecosystems. No wonder that it hosts the biggest Meet Magento conference. With our focus on the German market, we couldn’t miss this event. Here’s our recap!

With a population of 82 million inhabitants, spending a projected €66.880 Million in eCommerce, it makes for an interesting market. Last week, along with local and international visitors, we arrived in Leipzig to hear a big delegation of speakers at Meet Magento 2019 Germany.

Hackathon: Off to a good start

For some, the conference kicked off early with a hackathon organized by Firegento. On Saturday and Sunday, around 50 developers met up at a coworking space in Leipzig to work on various projects. Some of the topics were: Improved Speed for Static Content, Deferred Order Placing, updates to the Magento 1 based OpenMage initiative as well as several PWA related topics like “Getting familiar with Vue Storefront” hosted by Daniel Fahlke, which we joined.

If you need to know anything about hackathons, know this: they are of great value to the Magento community and ecosystem in general. At these events, developers, as well as non-technical participants, work on new features, improve documentation and discuss new ideas around the platform. There was a creative and friendly vibe throughout the entire weekend and following Meet Magento event.


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Business updates at Meet Magento

On Monday morning the main event started with registration, coffee, and snacks at the sponsor area. Sure we come to these conferences for the talks and meetings, but the social aspect of the event is just as, if not more important. And the team behind Meet Magento Germany made sure there was plenty of socializing. With a comfortable hang out area and an open floor plan, attendees gathered around, chatted, met up with friends and had plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

“Make sure you talk to new people, ask for an introduction, and walk around. Conferences are all about socializing.” – Conference Protip



The conference has both business and technical tracks. The highlight, at least for us, was our two colleagues Małgorzata and Marek presenting a case Divante worked on for Senetic (presentation).

Next, we were off to our team’s presentation in which we talked about rolling out 150 stores on one Magento installation. The business talks were quite diverse: from marketing to case studies, growth hacking and mobile payments.

New architecture of Magento and other tech

On the tech track, there was a focus on Magento’s new architecture with talks from Riccardo Tempesta and Yevhen Sentiabov about the service isolation approach. But there were also talks on the Headless approach which Magento is taking, where it becomes easier to integrate custom frontends, such as PWA integrations by Brent W. Peterson, as well as a talk by Jisse Reitsma on how to deal with the challenges connected to such modules.



AOE’s talk, about their headless framework Flamingo, was one that speaks to our Vue Storefront colleagues and should make for an interesting afternoon project to connect to our own Vue.js-based PWA frontend. What makes it interesting is that it is written in GO, a language created by Google and built for speed, using their Domain Drive approach as well as separation of the various layers, which seems to offer easy extensibility.

Other talks covered the improved data import which is being worked on by Magento in collaboration with developers from the community. This project by Oleksandr Lyzun will make it possible to import large numbers of products in a fast and non-blocking way.

Join us on our Meet Magento road trip

Meet Magento Germany is definitely a must to attend, for Divante, but we believe also for anyone frequently involved with Magento. Not only because of the strong presence of Magento itself there, but also the international lineup of quality talks. And not unimportant, Leipzig is a beautiful city to visit.

Our next event will be at Meet Magento UK, on the 19th of June. See you there.