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Linda Farrow - Redesign


Linda Farrow was originally a fashion designer and she was one of the first that treated sunglasses as a fashion. She pioneered many of shapes and styles that remain stylish even today.

Nowadays, Linda Farrow is a well-known brand in the fashion world, offering a wide range of luxury eyewear made in collaboration with many world’s most acclaimed designers and boutiques all over the world in cities like London, Hong Kong, Milan, Los Angeles or Barcelona.


Both companies decided to start their cooperation at the end of 2015. The main goal at the early stages was to optimize the Magento-based eCommerce platform, fix minor bugs and to develop some new additional functionalities.

For the full transparency in the project and good control of finances, from the very beginning, we decided to work in SCRUM methodology and „time&materials” model of payment.



After completion of the 1st milestone Linda Farrow came up with an idea to create microsite called „Linda Farrow Voyage”, a global city travel guide curated by local residents and a loyalty program in one.

The objective was to activate present customers and to gain new ones, through the unique content and rewards that customers could win by signing to the Voyage newsletter. Graphic design was delivered by the client, while Divante took care about backend/frontend implementation and integration with email marketing solution.


Cooperation on „Linda Farrow Voyage” went very well, so to keep the good pace we made a decision to continue the work and redesign the whole website to give it a fresh look. But it wasn’t the only goal for us, we also made some significant amendments as the change of the products structure and the way of their management. 5 people (3 developers, tester, project manager) and a graphic from clients side worked on the project for more than 600WH.

Again, for maximum efficiency and transparency for all parties, we decided to work in SCRUM.  The new website was launched on 26 August 2016 and was connected with the release of new sunglasses collection. Right now, we continue our cooperation with the maintenance and further development of the platform.


Average order value increased by 25% (three months after redesign).

Website loading speed improved by 30%.