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New Odlo.com


Odlo is a leading international premium sportswear brand offering outstanding products to people who share a passion for a sporty and active lifestyle. The brand has been a pioneer in the production of functional sports underwear and sportswear for 70 years.

The products are sold in 25 countries around the world. Odlo has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium/Holland, Austria, England, Norway and China. These countries represent the majority of sales and online channel is important and essential part of it, also in creating the consistent real time experience in the Omnichannel era.


The cooperation started at the beginning of 2016; since then Divante has been responsible for maintenance and infrastructure as well as improving the usability and financial success.

Divante and Odlo began discussing their cooperation in October 2015 during Meet Magento Switzerland. The collaboration of the two companies began in December from carrying out a code review for Odlo.com.

In January 2016, planning the website transfer to Divante servers began. At this point, a usability audit was conducted as the basis for further work.

On February 2016 Divante took over the entirety of website’s maintenance. Then, the project included a wide range of challenges connected with security, user experience and front-end changes, which initiated long-term cooperation.



One of the most important UX audit’s outcomes was that the website and back-end were not well optimized. Therefore, Odlo and Divante agreed that some changes are necessary to keep the best quality of the application as well as to develop new functionalities.

The main goals of the project were:

  • decreasing the average time of website unavailability
  • increasing conversion rates
  • increasing ROI
  • implementing tools for more efficient management
  • making Odlo.com more user-friendly

The biggest challenge of this project was to connect the work of many entities. There were several teams working on this project: Odlo team, Divante team and a team from the Agency that was responsible for hosting and servers as well as an external supplier of various services.



In February, Divante overtook hosting from the previous Agency. Based on our recommendations new machines were provided. Divante hosting team took care of database structure, security issues and synchronizing Magento and database within environments. Through proper configuration of server services, we were able to solve problems of interruption in the website operation occurring repeatedly during the day.



During four months of day-to-day cooperation, Divante has improved several areas of user interface. Mobile users were our top priority. We have optimized all graphic files for faster page load, improved responsive layout of the home page and search result pages. We have implemented a new checkout module that is more transparent and adapts to mobile devices. Changes we made and recommended resulted in higher stability and less errors, better mobile user experience, higher retention and conversion rates.




Bronto – email automation and using engines to conduct emailing campaigns

SMTP Pro Email – provides full control over the email settings in Magento

Special Promotions Pro by Amasty – allows creating special offers to customers that are based on their purchasing history

Asynchronous Re-indexing – allows speeding up the administrative work. The module reduces the server load associated with processing complex categories or products, so that working on Magento panel becomes faster and more convenient.

Magento SEO Suite by MageWorx – increases the visibility of Magento-based stores in popular search engines.

Advanced Reports – gives the ability of generating detailed sales reports available directly from store administration panel.

Google Feeds – Google Feeds is a part of the SEO improvements for the store. Implementing a good quality product feed allows Google search engine to connect users and their search queries with correct products from the store.



  • decreased server downtime by 73%
  • reduced server errors by 98%
  • 103% higher mobile conversion rate (mobile traffic increased by 26%)
  • 30% increase of overall conversion rate
  • 47% more transactions
  • 46% increase in revenue
  • revenue from youngest group of users have tripled



The relationship between Odlo and Divante has proven to be very successful over the last year. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Divante has gotten to know our technical environment, internal workflows, goals and we have worked closely together to ensure a solid development roadmap in-line with the business needs. This has greatly improved the overall efficiency and the rate at which we have been able to develop our platform and this married with our data driven commercial strategy has in turn, produced very positive results. It’s been very intense period of growth for the business over the last year with some ambitious targets in the future and I am looking forward to continuing the success that has been built to date

Patrick McCabe
Head of Digital



  • Implementing a new search engine that will allow users to effectively search for products and increase conversion as a result
  • More UX improvements and conversion optimization
  • Integration with sales aggregators, including eBay and Amazon, to increase the range of sales
  • Implementing the Nosto module for advanced sales of complementary product
  • Implementing a new product card