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Refreshed Onderdelenwinkel.nl

Onderdelenwinkel is a Dutch brand that distributes accessories for white goods. The company started in 1978 as a local parts store in Helmond, in 2016 they started an online shop. Onderdelenwinkel is present in the markets of 9 countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the UK and Poland.


Alle onderdelen alle merken Onderdelenwinkel.nl

The cooperation between our companies started in September 2015 from a test task consisting of improvements to three parts of the service.

  • Homepage – creating a quick selector on a home page for customers to choose the device they seek as well as improving the banner position adding bullets to go back and forth between banners, creating the mobile version and enabling the Onderdelenwinkel team to manage and add new banners to this section.
  • Product Overview Page – adding some detailed information to the filter on a category-level view that enables people to find their device quickly.
  • Product Page – implementing the feature of filtering items by brand.

Since then, Divante and Onderdelenwinkel are cooperating in terms of outsourcing, constantly growing the team of experts that is working with the Client.



The main goal of this project was to optimize the online shop to drive more sales. To make this happen, we focused on adding new functionalities and improving service usability.



  • backend & frontend development
  • maintenance of the 9 language versions of the platform
  • implementing barcodes in warehouses and delivery departments
  • implementing new payment methods
  • cart redesign
  • service speed optimization
  • page load speed optimization
  • UX improvements
  • SEO support
  • recommendations & support



The team at Divante’s end includes Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Testers, UX/GFX Designers and Project Managers. The project is lead in cooperation with a team of developers from Onderdelenwinkel and a Product Owner. Thanks to this there’s a constant flow of knowledge between our companies. What’s more is that this type of cooperation enabled the building of Developer and UX competencies in Onderdelenwinkel.

Divante realised a big quality impulse for Onderdelenwinkel.nl, thanks to their big Magento knowledge. It's great to work with people who think ahead and whom will not fear to go the extra mile

Divante realised a big quality impulse for Onderdelenwinkel.nl, thanks to their big Magento knowledge. It's great to work with people who think ahead and whom will not fear to go the extra mile.

Paul Celie



The foundation for further changes was a quick UX audit performed on the original page and compared with a few other national versions. Google Analytics data was used to validate the effects and draw some additional conclusions. The first thing was to clarify and organize the main navigation. Mainly, the problem was with the visual communication of interactive elements and the overall architecture of information. Some UX improvements were also prepared for mobile users.

The main navigation was prepared to meet the expectations of mobile users – the navigation bar was simplified and search bar placement was changed to be more prominent at the top of the site. Thanks to this, the overall usability of the navigation should be better for those who use the mobile version of the store. An additional thing requested by the client was to create a blog section. It was designed to aggregate content on the site and build a community around it. The most important part of this was to make it easily legible and accessible for the users. Must haves for the blog section were comments and social media share buttons that will help build a community around the whole site.



One of the most interesting features is the module of brand management. The system administrator can add a label with product information to a specific brand’s card and the information where to look for a number and model of a particular device. Thanks to this feature the users can easily find the products using the brand name, category and serial number.






  • Apache/Nginx
  • Magento 1.9 CE
  • MySQL (load balancer, haproxy, replication)
  • PHP
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Git
  • HHVM
  • Varnish
  • Redis
  • Sphinx
  • jQuery + Ajax
  • Gulp
  • SCSS



  • Currency switcher and Store switcher
  • Blog on the WordPress engine
  • Wishlist
  • Numerous custom export data
  • Review system
  • Navigation fixes and category filters (backend)
  • Checkout – create the ability to manage the order of fields displayed in the basket
  • Implementation of a new payment method – Afterpay (backend)
  • Patches in eBay sales module (backend)
  • Billsafe Payment Modification (backend)
  • Installation and configuration of OpenERP connector (backend)



  • migration to Magento 2
  • migration to Elastic Search
  • improving application stability
  • integration with business intelligence
  • product information management