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Complex e-Commerce Service
for Praktiker Polska

Praktiker is an international chain of DIY markets with locations in over 10 countries.
The first Polish one was built in 1997 in Warsaw. As for now, there are 24 in 20 cities.
Divante run a series of e-commerce projects for Praktiker Poland.

Recommendation engine

Our cooperation with Praktiker started from implementing Quartic, a recommendation system, in the e-store Praktiker.pl.Quartic is a system of personalized recommendations for e-business.

Testing Quartic in Praktiker.pl lasted one month, which allowed us to tailor the solution to the individual needs of our client.

Recommendations were presented on the homepage, on product pages, in the pop-up when adding products to cart and in the cart it self.

A/B test: half of the users (cookie) visiting Praktiker.pl saw recommendations generated by Quartic, while another half received standard recommendations.


  • 12% increase in sales
  • 15% increase in the number of buyers


E-mail marketing

In a close cooperation between Quartic (recommendations) and Sendingo (e-mail marketing), we created a unique solution: sending personalized recommendations based on a user’s shopping history via e-mail.

It meant that each message contained a unique content tailored to a given addressee. The whole process happened automatically.

Already the first month of pro-active e-mail marketing was enough to show early positive results. The average value of a single order from an e-mail was over 37% bigger than the average order value from any other source, which means that e-mail sells more.



Based on the number of times the users check products’ availability in stock, we can estimate a clear ROPO effect intensification – on average, by 2,5 times after our multichannel action announced “Everything 20% Cheaper”.

Apart from e-mail marketing, we used television, outdoor and promotion on the website.

Thanks to the solid contact base, well-planned mailing strategies and high quality e-mail designs, we reached over 27% opened messages rate, which is a rarity in the world of e-mail marketing.

The share of e-mail marketing in the total income generated by the online channel reached 11,45%. The value of a visit prompted by e-mail marketing increased by 51,01% compared to an average visit.


Unique product descriptions

Divante continued to prepare dedicated and original product descriptions for all the items sold in Praktiker.pl.

Only within a month since the first descriptions had been published, the Google search traffic focused on certain keywords increased by 120%.

Sales of products with new, unique descriptions tripled. Additionally, 33% of total sales come from SEO.


Mobile catalogue and ad brochures

Next step was to make it possible for each user to read the catalogue and the ad brochure via:

  • online – website, newsletter,
  • mobile – mobile devices (tablets, smartphones – which is new on the Polish

A complex care of preparation, technology and development of the application was taken by Sendingo.

At the moment, the brochure and the catalogue can be reached via 7 channels: – WWW, mobile, tablet, e-mail, RSS, Facebook and Google+.