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Solar - Migration to Magento 2

About Solar:

● Polish fashion premium brand established in 1989
● 1.3 million pieces of garments produced per year
● 74 own retail stores, 19 franchise outlets and 76 partner stores in Poland
● 4 franchise outlets located in Germany and Luxembourg
● online sales via the company website from 2012


  • the need to refresh the image, in connection with the change of the logo and visual identity of the brand
  • technological constraints preventing the introduction of major changes in the product sheet
  • very high budget for implementation of development work and difficulties in maintaining the stability of the previous website
  • sales decline in the online channel in the second half of 2015
  • no possibility of purchasing from mobile devices.



  • increased conversion in the online channel with a focus on the mobile channel
  • refreshing the layout according to the new corporate identity
  • e-commerce transfer of the Solar brand to the new technology that will guarantee stability and rapid platform development
  • implementation of user experience solutions compatible with current trends and customer expectations.



  • implementation of a fully responsive version of the store
  • launching the store along with the introduction of a new collection
  • number of sessions increased in the mobile channel by 21%
  • revenue growth in the mobile channel by 237%
  • number of transactions increased in the mobile channel by 483%.





Needs analysis

  • what are the current problems and expectations
  • what are the further development plans.

UX audit and quantitative data analysis

  • information structure analysis
  • usability audit of the contemporary solutions
  • traffic analysis based on Google Analytics statistics
  • data analysis of the click tracking study
  • preparing recommendations
  • workshop.



  • interactive prototypes allow for showing how the application should work and how different processes will look like
  • quick verification of the designer’s vision and the client’s expectations
  • conceptual work on mockups allows for introducing and testing various solutions with little time and effort
  • detailed mockups reduce the number of changes at further stages
  • graphic design prepared based on the approved mockups.



  • work divided into 2-week iterations
  • integration – we begin implementation from the most difficult areas
  • effects of work reviewed and tested on a regular basis with the client
  • high quality of the produced software
  • UAT and performance testing.



  • traffic analysis based on data from Google Analytics
  • implementing a click tracking tool
  • A/B tests
  • feedback from Solar customers.

https www.solar.com.pl clothes dresses.html

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  • introducing new delivery options: parcel pick-up stations and click&collect in retail stores network
  • including the e-store into the loyalty program
  • enabling placing orders by the staff of retail shops for customers.

Magento is a platform of unlimited expandability, giving a lot of marketing opportunities. The new technology offered by Magento 2 will allow us to respond quickly to our customers' needs, such as picking up orders in retail stores or integrating the e-store with our Loyalty Program.

Marta Oleszak
Online Store Manager