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T-Mobile & Electronic Beats

T-Mobile, a household name in the telecommunications industry, is constantly trying to improve their digital experiences in order to keep up with the business demands their market requires.

In Poland, T-mobiles digital world is expanding rapidly and this growth is dependent upon having a user-friendly and efficient content management system to build their projects on. In cooperation with Divante, T-Mobile was able to run a new website – for ElectronicBeats program.



ElectronicBeats is a service designed for enthusiasts of music and modern lifestyle. Among other users, one can watch the dedicated Electronic Beats TV and listen to specially selected music for that individual. The service also includes news about music and lifestyle as well as information about local events.  T-Mobile in Germany was already operating a successful ElectronicBeats site, and in order to 

keep up with market demand, Poland needed a way to quickly recreate the site for their users. There was significant pressure for this to be released quickly, as the market demand was strong and T-Mobile did not want their users to seek this service from another provider, especially a competitor.  They needed a reliable platform that was user-friendly and would allow them to quickly build this site to their liking.



Streaming view’s: 13 828


Desktop: 62,3%

Mobile: 36,9%

SMART TV: 0,7%



Through Divante, T-Mobile was advised to use Pimcore, an open source content management system (CMS), as an alternative to building a custom application from scratch. Pimcore’s widget features allowed T-Mobile to quickly manage this project from their end with minimal work from programmers required.  Any changes they make in the CMS became instantly live on the website which allowed them to implement changes very quickly.  With Pimcore’s robust capabilities, T-Mobile was able to 

build a comprehensive website that is compatible to every front-end, including mobile devices, tablets, and full HD monitors (up to 1920px).  It is also able to be integrated with other platforms including YouTube and SoundCloud, and SocialHub where news from social media could be displayed in a separate tab.  Pimcore also allowed T-Mobile to build in the capability to live-stream videos on the homepage – which was one of their main requirements for this project.  



This solution allowed T-Mobile to significantly reduce their time to market and satisfy the needs of their users much faster leading to a more prosperous client base and ultimately increased revenue. Upon implementation, it was very easy to train T-Mobile’s team to use Pimcore effectively and they 

were quickly able to use the product themselves.  As the website is now completed, it is increasingly generating traffic (thus, more business) on a daily basis. From April till August 2016, the website was visited by nearly 340 000 unique users. What’s interesting, mobile users generate almost half of the whole traffic. 


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