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ECommerce for B2B - Divante will implement the first OroCommerce implementation for Air-Com

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Divante’s project is the first implementation of the OroCommerce platform in this part of Europe and one of the first in the world.

Air-Com is the largest representative of Landefeld.de, Whalter Pilot, Airtec, Atlas Copco, Airpol, and many other suppliers in the broad range of the pneumatic industry. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 2004. The main areas of its activities are design, consulting, sales and assembly of pneumatic components and devices, as well as automation of production processes. The company currently has 6 offices in Poland and is working on adding more.

Air-Com has decided to transform itself digitally. So far, many of the processes in the company have been carried out traditionally, which at this rate of growth has greatly reduced the potential for Air-Com development.

The choices in technology made by AirCom, along with the support of Divante, are dictated by the platform’s capabilities and speed of implementation.

The implementation is intended to help units responsible for maintaining production traffic, efficiently delivering necessary solutions and parts to maintain production continuity, build sales networks through the development of new affiliates, and sell through dealer networks of Air-Com partners.

In an industry where there is a need to ensure the continuity of the use of compressed air equipment around the clock, the delivery time of the parts needed and their availability is extremely important. OroCommerce will provide Air-Com with an advanced system to handle complex orders and their processing. This will also significantly shorten the time it takes to make an investment. We will gradually increase our product base, which can be ordered independently from all 25 Air-Com manufacturers, says Krzysztof Socha-Zalewski, Business Consultant, Divante.

What deserves special attention in the project is the extensive integration containing the Insert Sphere GT and all current suppliers of the company on the eCommerce platform.

This is a great challenge for us, which involves a lot of work for many people in our company. However, by keeping a close eye on today’s trends in the global marketplace and the direction in which we are moving, we know that this is indispensable. Although it may seem like an “element”, it is a very important transformation that allows us to move to a higher level of sales. We believe that building a new e-commerce platform is an important step for our company which will further strengthen our position and contribute to maintaining our leading position in the industry, says Paweł Oskroba, Co-Owner of Air-Com.

OroCommerce combines eCommerce functionality for B2B and has an OroCRM module. With these two applications, business owners gain insight into all sales and customer communication channels. This allows you to gain a competitive advantage and provide customers with excellent service.

The implementation of the service is planned for the end of 2017.