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Join our UX for CRM webinar!

How long did it take for you to figure out how to use Google Search? Did you need to read any documentation when you first purchased at Amazon.com? This all sounds ridiculous, right? But why do we have a different expectation for our CRM systems?

Let’s imagine the situation where your employees and stakeholders don’t require any time-consuming training courses or elaborate training manuals to operate your CRM software. Sound’s like a dream, doesn’t it? Learn how a well-designed UX can boost product usage, increase user-productivity, and reduce the need for training by joining our Oro & Divante webinar: UX for CRM led by Ania Sorbian, UX Designer from Divante.

When? 26th October, 2016, 5 PM CEST

Where? Register here.

There’s no doubt that UX creates business value that you can measure. Still, somehow we forget about it when creating CRM systems. It’s obvious that CRM systems help businesses earn more. It’s all about data organization and the interface optimized to support the data usage. To fully engage the newly created system must be intuitively structured, easy to learn, built on familiar, and easy to understand digital interactions. It has to be built with inputs from real people and business processes in mind.


Are you ready to develop an efficient, goal-oriented CRM system? If you haven’t worked with user experience designers, only experimented with user-centric design, or aren’t sure how beneficial UX could be for your business, join our webinar to learn more!

Ania Sorbian will introduce you to the world of User-Centered Design and explain the role of UX Designer in requirements gathering, research, design and evaluation of the prototypes.

Why is is to worth to join?

During this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how great design & user satisfaction translates into business growth
  • See how the design process translates into the tangible benefits
  • Find out how to design crucial workflows for your CRM
  • Discover what the CRM building process is all about.

The number of seats is limited – hurry up!