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Open Source

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Open Loyalty

Open Loyalty is technology for loyalty solutions for starting new loyalty projects.

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Vue.js Storefront

 PWA for eCommerce. 100% offline, platform agnostic, Magento2 supported. Always Open Source, MIT license

Pimcore 4 Magento2 Connector

Magento2 connector is a plugin which allows adding removing and modifying Magento products and categories directly from Pimcore panel

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Multi-process data synchronizer between Magento (and in further versions Shopify / other platforms) to local MongoDB and ElasticSearch databases

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Magento 2 Grouped Products Manager

Module adds new features for grouped products

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Pimcore Contact Form

Simple plugin contains contact form

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Open HRM

Node.js & Angular.js based HRM System buit on Divante Hackathon

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Backend User Wrapper

Wrapper for Pimcore's User Model

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Pimcore Notification

Notifications plugin for Pimcore

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