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Divante MultiChannel

Divante MultiChannel

An online store is one of, but rarely the only sales channel. Take advantage of markets such as Amazon, Rakuten, Allegro, eBay as much as your website. With Divante MutliChannel you can manage products and process orders in one place

Divante Multichannel product architecture allows you to easily import, enhance (ETL – Extract Transform Load – process) and then release your product offer and processing orders. All in one convenient tool.

The solution is comprised of two fully integrated modules:

  • Product Information Management (PIM) system – PIMCore.org. With it you can create descriptions of products tailored to each sales channel – import different pictures for mobile devices and for auctions; manage product presentation templates and use offer release workflow.

The system also allows for multiple language support and automatic translation.

  • A system for processing orders and releasing offers based on Magento. The system allows you to download prices and inventory from ERP/WMS system and automatic integration via connectors with markets such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and Allegro. Automatically published auctions use templates and data described in the PIM system and submitted sales offers are automatically directed to a Magento panel where they can be processed as a normal order from an online store.

The system automatically disables the auction due to inventory or price changes. All customer and orders data is automatically downloaded to the Magento panel. It is possible to use non-standard (not available in a given market) payment channels (via a dedicated landing page and integration with payment operators).
Divante MultiChannel solution automatically integrates with the following markets and systems:

  • eBay,
  • Rakuten,
  • Amazon,
  • Allegro,
  • Aukro,
  • Online store based on Magento,
  • Mobile application – in that case backend in the form of REST services is made available,
  • Any other sales platform or online store via Web Services, XML, REST, EDI data exchange

The system can be connected via Divante ESB data bus with any WMS, ERP or CRM system. To date, we have implemented integrations with various systems, including:

  • Microsoft AX,
  • Microsoft Navision,
  • SAP,
  • Gold,
  • QAD.

The software supports multiple accounts in each markets (e.g. different accounts for different countries/languages).

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