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B2B eCommerce

We have completed large B2B e-commerce implementations for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can enhance Magento with a comprehensive set of B2B functionalities.

Selected B2B functions

  • Hierarchical customer accounts
  • Full bilateral integration with CRM system
  • Integrations with specialized systems: warehouse management and accounting
  • Creating custom offers

Implementing the B2B Omnichannel Commerce strategy for you, we integrate a number of sales channels. We also combine Magento with advanced systems already operating in a company: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, Salesforce.com, Pivotal CRM, and others.

170 people, 18 certified developers, Magento 2 Silver Trained Solution Partner

Divante have been delivering the highest quality e-commerce solutions  on 4 continents since 2008. We employ over 170 people in 4 offices in: Wroclaw (Poland), Rotterdam (Holland), Stockholm (Sweden), and London (UK). Our main asset is our long-standing experience of improving customer experience (see our case studies).

Magento Community or Enterprise?

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition brings huge additional value and shortens the development time. To help you better understand the main differences, we have drawn up the main benefits Magento Enterprise 2.0 offers.

Case study: How to generate over 130 mln EUR revenue from B2B e-commerce on Magento?

Our project for TIM SA was qualified for the finals of Imagine Excellence Awards for The Best B2B User Experience in 2016. It is the Magento’s official award for the best online stores across the world.

TIM is one of Poland’s largest and leading distributors of electrotechnical materials. The company has been transformed from a traditional electrical wholesaler into a modern electrotechnical goods distributor placing its emphasis on ecommerce. The project was huge financial success. In 2015, TIM SA sales revenue reached almost €130 million, compared with €84 million in 2013, when the company launched its online sales.

You will find a more detailed, stage by stage, description of the TIM’s project in our case study.