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Processing of large amounts of data has never been simpler. Here at Divante, we use Cloudera CDH – the most popular Hadoop distribution.

CDH delivers the core elements of Hadoop – scalable storage and distributed computing – along with additional components such as a user interface, plus necessary enterprise capabilities such as security, and integration with a broad range of hardware and software solutions.

Cloudera is a Hadoop distribution – a framework for storing and processing data in a distributed environment. It includes tools designed for:

  • collecting large amounts of data from various sources,
  • storing information in distributed databases of various types (key-value, NoSQL-like, documents),
  • processing with statistical tools and artificial intelligence,
  • browsing and presenting the data in the form of interactive charts,
  • monitoring and maintenance of services and servers in a computing cluster.

We are especially well acquainted with the following modules: Hadoop, Sqoop2, Hive, Impala, Solr, Cloudera Manager, Hue, ZooKeeper, Spark.

Our programmers were directly involved in the development of one of the most popular recommender systems – Quartic. Divante used to be one of its shareholders. Quartic allows for the real-time processing of the clients’ behavior history and suggests products that may catch their attention.


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