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Magento Nearshoring in Europe

Our European customers can benefit from the nearshoring of Polish developers. The company’s head office is located in Wroclaw, the city with excellent air and road connections with a wide range of European cities, being the home for the development centers of the largest IT, financial, and internet companies.

Why is it worth cooperating with us in the nearshoring model?

  • Geography. We share the CET time zone with the majority of European countries. This enables us to communicate freely: Our developers are available on Skype and HipChat throughout the entire working day.
  • Convenience. Wroclaw’s excellent location makes it easy to meet: In one day you can make an appointment, fly to Wroclaw, meet the team in a stand-up, have lunch, and return home for dinner. We are in the center of Wroclaw, within easy reach from the airport.
  • Direct flights. Wroclaw has direct air connections with Europe’s major cities (e.g., with Bristol, Dortmund, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Liverpool, London, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome and Zürich).
  • Comfort. Our assistant will always help to organize your trip.
  • Shared culture. Every European country is unique, but Wroclaw’s location makes the city a melting pot. A lot of Divante’s employees used to work in European international companies.
  • Highly skilled personnel. Polish universities are the wells of engineering talent. We look after our employees in numerous ways to ensure a minimum staff turnover.
  • Cost efficiency. Because the costs of living in Poland are lower than in western Europe,  you can expect competitve rates.

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