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Magento Optimization

We audit and optimize Magento so that your store is safer and operates faster.

Our system architecture is designed to increase scalability and performance. It facilitates:

  • database replication – master-master (backup) and master-slave – accelerating the read operations and balancing the incoming traffic (The replication service is available in Magento by default.)
  • use of distributed cache systems – Memcached and Redis
  • use of a distributed file system – GlusterFS
  • use of a http-reverse-proxy system – Varnish – increasing the website’s and static files’ loading speed
  • use of a database service system – PerconaDB (instead of MySQL)

The architecture of every application developed by us is fully scalable. It streamlines adding subsequent application servers. This, together with the database replication, makes a resistant and redundant operating environment for the application.

Any data exchange happens through line-up systems which facilitate scaling of the systems independently of the platform. In the case of an increased number of queries or external systems’ failures, a line-up system processes a smaller number of messages, repeating the queries until their successful execution.