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Marketing Technology (MarTech) is one of the fastest growing IT areas. At Divante we devise dedicated MarTech solutions.

MarTech solutions ensure the automation of marketing operations, which allows companies to communicate with clients more quickly, more cheaply and in a more personalized way. In conjunction with the Big Data technology possibilities (the analysis of large data amounts from various sources simultaneously) they offer companies a chance of a lasting competitive edge in the sphere of marketing.

MarTech with Big Data is a service for retailers, B2B, e-commerce, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications and service companies.

Divante devises Marketing Technology and Big Data projects with the use of Cloudera software, a market leader platform in this area. We also advise on the choice of currently existing solutions and on the architecture design and tool interface in this class.

Support is provided within the following scope:

  • Mechanism design and marketing automation logic, system configuration,
  • Creation of dedicated personalization systems,
  • Creation of dedicated recommendation for second purchase incentive among special offer customers (a project for one of the major retailers),
  • Creation of customer acquisition practices based on customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis according to marketing sources and marketing campaigns,
  • Customer segmentation based on shopping habits analysis, client profiles and basket compositions,
  • Creation of omnichannel marketing tools (including Real Time Marketing tools).

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