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OroCommerce is the response to the needs of B2B companies entering eCommerce. The platform enables creating B2B systems. It’s based on a modern Symfony2 framework and OroPlatfrom components, which ensures safe and fast creation of B2B sales systems.
Main OroCommerce functions include:

  • Accounts for customers and departments
  • Customers can add employees, roles and permissions
  • Catalog Management
  • Pricelist
  • Personalizing catalogues
  • Creating proposals
  • Order management
  • Landing pages
  • Self registration
  • Shopping list/carts
  • Quick order
  • Importing orders to xls
  • Requesting for a quote
  • Resubmitting proposals/negotiation
  • Requesting approval
  • Checkout – fully customizable workflow based process

Divante is an official partner of Oro, OroCommerce producer.