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PIM and CMS Development

The main purpose of a PIM is to be a central repository of all product data of a company. From a technical point of view, a PIM helps to extract and harmonize data, and propagate data to / from different sources. From a functional point of view, a PIM helps to classify, enrich and translate your product information.

Akeneo is Symfony2 based PIM solution made by creators of Magento. It provides full REST API for data exchange and it’s built upon the ORO Business Application platform (the same family as OroCRM).

Akeneo is compatible with Magento and Magento2 sites. It shares the same architectural concepts which makes integration and interpolability between those two platforms available out of the box.

Extract data

  • Collect data from existing sources like your ERP or your suppliers databases
  • Clean and choose the data you want to integrate to your catalog(s)
  • Define priorities between different data sources Clean and choose the data you want to integrate to your catalog(s)

Enrich data

  • Enrich your products with marketing or technical data
  • Classify your products and associate them to one or several catalogs
  • Translate your data to multiple languages
  • Manage the lifecycle processes of your data (workflows and audits)
  • Control the quality of your data (completeness, duplicates, …)

Distribute data

  • Manage multiple sales channels (e-commerce, print, mobile applications, social networks, marketplaces, …)
  • Select catalogs and data you want to distribute through each channel
  • Send data to web-to-print softwares to create your printed catalogs

Pimcore is a free and open-source platform for creating and managing web applications. The platform contains various integrated applications for: web content and product information management, multi-channel publishing, e-commerce, and a whole range of other marketing focused applications (e.g., digital asset management and marketing management). Pimcore bases on PHP, Zend Framework, and MySQL database layers.

Pimcore features single-source and multi-channel publishing functionality, making it easy to manage, update, and integrate the content and data from multiple sources. With Pimcore, brands can create and manage a wide range of digital experiences for all of their output channels: web, mobile, apps, social platforms, as well as prints and digital signage.


Storing product information such as: text data, figures, documents, multimedia, links, classifications



Any Workflow for any data type – status changes and assigning (e.g. products) to users



Personas and Global targeting rules – assigning end users to groups and performing actions on them


Multimedia support – photos, videos, Office documents


High performance and scalability, even with millions of products

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