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The main purpose of a Product Information Management System (PIM) is to be the central repository of all the company’s product data. From a technical point of view, PIM helps to extract, harmonize, and propagate the data to / from different sources. From a functional point of view, PIM helps to classify, enrich, and translate your product information.

Pimcore: PIM + CMS

The open source platform Pimcore helps you create and manage web applications. With this platform, you can easily manage your web content and product information, update, and integrate the content and data from multiple sources. It also offers various integrated applications for single-source multi-channel publishing and e-commerce, as well as a whole range of other marketing applications (e.g., digital asset management and marketing management).

Pimcore is based on PHP, Zend Framework and MySQL database layers and is compatible with Magento and Magento 2 sites.


Storing product information such as: text data, figures, documents, multimedia, links, classifications



Any Workflow for any data type – status changes and assigning (e.g. products) to users


Personas and Global targeting rules – assigning end users to groups and performing actions on them



High performance and scalability, even with millions of products


About Divante

Divante have been delivering the highest quality omnichannel solutions on 4 continents since 2008. We employ over 170 people in 4 offices: Wroclaw (Poland), Rotterdam (Holland), Stockholm (Sweden), and London (UK). Our main asset is our long-standing experience of improving customer experience (see our case studies). Divante is a Silver Partner of Pimcore.

Case study: How to generate over 130 mln EUR revenue from B2B e-commerce with Divante?

TIM is one of Poland’s largest and leading distributors of electrotechnical materials. TIM has been transformed from a traditional electrical wholesaler into a modern electrotechnical goods distributor placing the emphasis on e-commerce. The project was a huge financial success. In 2015, TIM SA sales revenue reached almost €130 million, compared with €84 million in 2013, when the company launched its online sales.

You will find a more detailed, stage by stage, description of the TIM’s project in our case study.