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Symfony is currently one of the most popular frameworks for PHP web applications. It was written entirely in line with the best practices of object-oriented programming including:

  • Inversion Of Control container for application setup and loose coupling,
  • full stack HTTP Kernel components,
  • flexible bundles modularity,
  • flexible framework to communicate with databases (SQL and NoSQL) – Doctrine SQL.

Symfony allows you to quickly create an MVP version of your startup and also develop serious business applications.

Our experience with Symfony2 are primarily concerned with eCommerce, where we used the framework to create a market system (B2C) for AGORA S.A.

Based on Symfony2, we also created an application managing SOLR search engine (Divante.Search) used in several online stores.

We have 20 Symfony2 developers on board ready to work on your idea.

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